James Tatum

Jazz Concert Pianist, Composer,

Performer & Recording Artist


Back to the Roots III
James Tatum + The Trio Plus
( Live Compilation CD )


Track 1 “The Theme”

The main theme is played by the pianist, the rhythm section
plays the structure of the music and the musicians take turns
playing improvised solos over the chord changes by the rhythm

Track 2 “Spiritualotta Jazz”

This composition considers the essence of jazz of modern
music that carries with it a lot of tradition from soulful music
feelings, blues and the music of the early jazz masters.
The beginning has a primitive rhythmic quality follow by
shimmering symbols and waves of piano chords and a moaning
character with the horns before settling a stately and serene
rhythm walk.

Track 3 "A Tribute to Nelson Mandela"

A. Introduction:

Drum roll from the percussionist brings new light from darkness and the expressions from the pianist indicate a
prelude of freedom. The string bass player identifies the
strength and will power of Nelson Mandela walking across
the field from prison.

B. The flutist (alto flute) introduces the main theme depicting the
character of Nelson Mandela’s humility, integrity and peace-
maker of the world.

Track 4 “Back to the Mother Land”

This music expresses the Blues in F Minor of soulful feel
and the voice is scatting without words of pain and
agony expressions within the music. The saxophonist and pianist
painting a profile of the Blues

Track 5 “Texas Roots”

A state where James Tatum roots were born in Mineola, Texas
who has blossomed “Beyond the Horizon”. The Trio Plus
has that jump band feel treatment of playing Jazz.

(All compositions written by James Tatum and copyrighted property of JTTP, Incorporated.)